BP gasoline with Invigorate® including Amoco Ultimate®

Quality fuel that can help protect your engine.

What makes BP gasoline with Invigorate® quality better than low-detergent gasolines? All three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate® including Amoco Ultimate® contains BP's unique, proprietary gasoline additive that, with continuous use, helps clean and protect critical engine parts from harmful deposits so it can help you go a little farther between fill-ups than a car that continuously uses low detergent gasoline.** It also meets and exceeds TOP TIER gasoline minimum standards for detergency and is formulated to help protect against sludge and corrosion.


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An ideal mix

Gasolines with low detergent can lead to harmful deposits on critical engine parts. Fortunately, with continuous use, all three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate® help:

  • Clean away harmful deposits
  • Protect against the formation of new deposits
  • Restore fuel economy**
  • Enable smoother acceleration with less hesitation
  • Improve your engine's performance**
Sludge Protection

Sludge is a thick, dark substance formed by the reaction of combustion byproducts and engine oil.

  • It can clog oil passages
  • In extreme cases, it can lead to engine failure
  • Once it forms, it's difficult to remove
  • Several factors contribute to sludge, but the easiest one to control is your choice of gasoline*


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BP Fuels With Invigorate

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Amoco Ultimate

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Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion occurs when moisture naturally accumulates on steel. And since most critical engine components are made of steel alloys, corrosion can lead to expensive repairs.

Fortunately, the corrosion inhibitor in BP gasoline with Invigorate® can help prevent harmful corrosion.

Corrosion fail

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Corrosion pass

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Clean engine, clean air

It's simple. A clean engine minimizes exhaust emissions, and that's better for the environment.


The BP Fuels guarantee is more than a statement.

In the unlikely event that you experience fuel-system trouble due to the use of Amoco Ultimate®, BP Silver (mid-grade), BP Regular or BP Diesel®, we'll reimburse you for the repairs. Simply call us at 1-800-333-3991 to report the problem. You'll also need to provide your fuel receipt and mechanic's repair bill. We'll review your claim, and any BP fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed to you.

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