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7 tips to making your tailgate the life of the party

It’s football season, and for a lot of fans that means tailgate! So does it go without saying that a great tailgate is nothing if it’s not a party? Here are some tips to keep yours going for hours and hours.

  1. Round up your friends. You want your tailgate to be a blast? Then be sure to invite only the ones who know how to have fun…and love the game. Snail mail, email, social media—whatever it takes, let them know their presence is requested!
  2. Scout it out. Yeah, this is really important. Secure your spot EARLY. Get yourself some prime real estate. The end of a parking row or next to a big open area will do nicely.
  3. Build it so they will come. Make your spot the “it” place—Tailgate Central. Deck your vehicle out with flags, pennants, balloons and team colors. And while you’re at it, why not throw in some team or football-themed inflatable lawn ornaments to make it extra special?
  4. [Face] paint the scene. No shoes, no shirt, no service? Not at all. BUT, face paint is a must. Set up a station and have the supplies on hand.
  5. Bring your game[s] on. Time flies when you’re in a heated competition of beanbag toss. Don’t forget your game gear.
  6. Turn it up. What’s a tailgate without the tunes? Rock, retro, boy band (well, maybe that last one’s optional)—mix it all together and make it LOUD.
  7. Setup your moveable feast. Plates—check! Utensils—check! Napkins—check! Did we forget anything? Oh yes…F-O-O-D!!! The most important component of any party, especially a tailgate, is the food. Top picks are burgers, dogs and brats…and oh yeah, anything with sriracha.

    But while bringing the flavor, don’t forget that some foods have an accelerated expiration if left out too long. One to two hours is tops for meats and certain kinds of salads before throwing them back in the cooler.

    Speaking of coolers, be sure you’ve got a lot of ice on hand. And while sodas and adult beverages are popular items, also make sure you’re fully stocked with water and fresh fruit to keep everyone hydrated.