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Bp Driver’s Guide

8 Tips for Traveling with Pets

For many pet owners, a vacation doesn't feel like vacation unless their beloved dogs and cats are joining them for the ride. So when your pets become your passengers, follow these tips to help keep them safe.


Long before your vacation, let your pets take a test drive. In fact, take many of them, starting when your pets are very young. Every time your furry friends accompany you in the car, they become more used to life on the highway.

“Ever wonder why dogs like to ride with their heads out the window but people don’t?”


Even if your pets are seasoned travelers, they might occasionally become carsick. Be sure to pack some cleaning supplies so your excursion isn't ruined by a queasy puppy.


Help prevent carsickness by serving only small amounts of food and water in the morning and afternoon, saving your pet's main meal for the end of the day.


Ever wonder why dogs like to ride with their heads out the window but people don't? It's because we don't like it when dirt particles fly into our ears, eyes, nose and throat. As fun as it is to stretch open your mouth and let your tongue flap in the wind, it's a good call for your dogs to keep their heads inside the vehicle at all times. The debris your pets catch with their faces can lead to serious health problems.


People wear seatbelts for a reason, and your pet should take similar safety measures. Larger dogs can be secured with pet harnesses, while smaller dogs can sit in pet car seats. People refrain from wearing seatbelts around their necks, so think twice about restraining your dog by its collar. (Again, a pet harness is the way to go.)


When is it bad luck for a cat to cross your path? When you're driving your car and they wander around your feet. In the name of safety, cats should ride inside a carrier. Still, to help them better accept the journey, let them explore the car to get familiar with their surroundings long before you put a key in the ignition.


Leave no pet behind! Even if you don't usually use a leash to secure your pet, you'll probably want to use one whenever you stop the car to take a walk. Unfamiliar surroundings can be exciting for your pets, and there's no need to let them run away on a spontaneous vacation without you.


And of course, when your pet inevitably makes the cutest face ever, let someone who isn't driving take the pictures.