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Frequently Asked Questions

Bp Gasoline With Invigorate® Including Amoco Ultimate® and Bp Driver Rewards

What Is Invigorate®?

Invigorate® is BP’s exclusive proprietary detergent additive found in all three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate®–Regular, Silver (midgrade), and Amoco Ultimate® (premium).

Fuel additives are good! In fact, the US government requires a minimum amount of deposit-control additive to be present in all US fuels – but all grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate® go beyond these minimum standards in an effort to provide additional benefits to drivers who use our fuel.

What does Invigorate® do?

A new and improved version of BP gasoline with Invigorate® was introduced in April 2016, and we’re proud to say this version is our best fuel ever–with versatility for both conventional port fuel injector engine technology, and emerging direct injection engine technology. It has 10 times better protection against intake valve deposits than ordinary, minimum-detergency fuels. Keeping intake valves clean is important because dirty deposits from ordinary fuels that form in engines can lead to a variety of problems–hesitation, rough starts, loss in fuel economy, and increased emissions to name a few.

BP gasoline with Invigorate® not only helps prevent deposits from forming in the first place, but can even help clean deposits left by minimum detergency fuels –giving drivers more miles with every tank¹.

a valve we tested using
only ordinary fuel1

a valve we tested using only
New BP gasoline with Invigorate®

Additionally, BP gasoline with Invigorate® protects against sludge which can build up over time in your engine’s motor oil system, preventing oil flow to critical engine parts and can result in catastrophic engine failure².

¹Ordinary Fuel refers to minimum detergency gasoline. Dirt refers to deposits on critical engine parts. Requires continuous use over 5000 miles. Restores an average of 3 - 5 miles per tank that had been lost due to deposits. Based on fleet testing representative of the U.S. car population. Fuel economy can be affected by many factors. Benefits may be more significant in older model vehicles

²With continuous use. Based on driving style. Follow vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations for oil changes.

How was Invigorate® developed?

BP gasoline with Invigorate® was developed with rigorous and extensive testing by fuel engineers, covering over 60 different industry approved test methods and thousands of hours in vehicles and engines. We tested our best ever fuel in conventional (port fuel injector) and emerging (direct injection) engine technology; in fleets of cars and trucks with engines big and small; and in engine test stands incorporating ASTM, industry standard and new, cutting edge test procedures.

Where can I find Invigorate®?

BP gasoline with Invigorate® can only be found at BP stations. Use our station finder to locate the BP nearest you.

What is Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate®, and how could it benefit my vehicle?

Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® is BP’s premium fuel.

Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate® is not a typical premium fuel whose only difference is octane number. Even cars whose manufacturer recommends regular fuel may see a benefit from using Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate®. This is because it contains our highest level of Invigorate® additive–meaning it can help clean a dirty engine even faster than BP Regular or BP Silver. Filling up with Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate® can also provide 20 times better protection against deposit formation when compared to ordinary fuel, helping to give engines the best protection that BP can offer.*

Many vehicles recommend or require premium fuel because their engines were designed to benefit from higher octane. For these vehicles, Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® delivers more power and quicker acceleration compared to regular grade gasoline. The difference can often be quite noticeable. Does your vehicle benefit from higher octane? Check your owner’s manual to confirm.

*Ordinary fuel refers to minimum detergency gasoline. Based on ASTM D6201 engine testing.

What is TOP TIER™, and does BP’s gasoline with Invigorate® meet TOP TIER™ detergent gasoline standards?

Eight of the world's top automakers, BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi recognized that the current EPA minimum detergent requirements do not go far enough to ensure optimal engine performance, so they created TOP TIER™ which raised the bar to an additive level that is better suited for vehicle performance.

BP is a registered TOP TIER™ retailer and Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate® goes one step further by surpassing Top Tier treat rate levels.

Does BP gasoline have ethanol in it?

By federal and state regulation, nearly all gasoline sold by retailers in the US has up to 10% ethanol blended into it to comply with the US Renewable Fuel Standards as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act. A small amount of BP stations may sell ethanol-free gasoline (which is labelled accordingly), but this is typically used in off-road vehicles like ATVs or boats.

What is Flex Fuel / E85 fuel? Should I use it?

Flex Fuel (also known as E85) is a gasoline-ethanol blend containing anywhere from 51 to 83% ethanol, and can only be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). At the dispenser flex fuel is clearly labelled “E85” and includes signage that cautions drivers to use this fuel only if they have a FFV vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to confirm whether you have a FFV vehicle that can run on Flex Fuel.

Learn more about Flex Fuel Vehicles on the EPA website.

What is BP Diesel®?

BP Diesel® is a quality fuel for light duty diesel trucks and cars. It can also be used in all on- or off-road heavy duty trucks, as well as automotive, transit bus, marine, and stationary diesel engine applications that require ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD).

BP Diesel® is routinely tested for compliance with ASTM D975, including sulfur content and lubricity requirements. Like all our fuels, BP Diesel® is backed by our BP Fuel Guarantee.

BP Diesel® may contain up to 5% biomass component. This is standard for most diesel fuel sold in the US and does not require any special labelling.

Please refer to your owner’s manual to learn whether your vehicle requires diesel.

What are biodiesel blends?

Biodiesel blends are standard diesel fuels blended with a biomass component derived from plant oil and animal fats. Just as the government requires ethanol to be blended into gasoline, they also require or promote the blending of renewable biomass components into diesel fuels.

When biomass components are blended at levels between 5 and 20%, the FTC requires that all dispensers be clearly labelled with the following:

Many diesel vehicles can run properly on biodiesel blends. However, there are a number of manufacturers whose vehicles do not recommend blends greater than 5%. Please consult your owner’s manual to learn if biodiesel blends greater than 5% are compatible with your vehicle.

I have a product quality concern. What should I do?

The BP Fuel Guarantee is more than just a statement. In the unlikely event that you experience fuel system trouble due to the use of BP gasoline with Invigorate® (Regular, Silver, or Amoco Ultimate®) or BP Diesel®, we’ll reimburse you for the repairs. Simply call us at 1-800-333-3991 to report the problem. You’ll also need to provide proof of purchase and a mechanic’s repair bill. We’ll review your claim, and any BP fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed to you.

Is there a fee to join BP Driver Rewards?

No. There is no membership fee and the BP Driver Rewards card is not a credit card.

Is BP Driver Rewards accepted at all BP sites, nationwide?

The Driver Rewards program is valid at the participating locations found here, and is not valid in Alabama or California. You will not be able to earn or redeem Rewards at non-participating BP stations or non-BP gas stations.

How do I register for BP Driver Rewards?

Click here. After entering the required information - such as first and last name, email address, state, zip code, mobile phone number and an account password- you can select how you would like to engage with the program. You can use your mobile number*, register a Driver Rewards card, or request a Driver Rewards card.

You may be prompted to provide some additional information in order for BP to provide you with updates about BP programs and offers, and other specific information pertaining to your BP Driver Rewards account. Click here to review our privacy policy to see how BP uses and secures your personal information.

*Except at participating stations in New Jersey

How do I register for the program if I don't have an email address?

You will need to establish a valid email address. We require all Driver Rewards members to have a valid email address so we can ensure all important messages about Driver Rewards can reach them.

How can I use my phone number at the pump?

Your phone number can be entered at the pump at participating locations (except in New Jersey) as an alternative to swiping your BP Driver Rewards card.

To use your phone number at the pump, at most stations, follow these instructions:

  1. Press “Cancel” key
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Press “Enter” key
  4. Follow prompts on screen.

Exact procedures vary from station to station. Look for more detailed instructions at the pump or talk to the site staff to help you with this process.

What is my default phone number?

Your default phone number is the 10-digit phone number that you supplied when registering for BP Driver Rewards.

How do I change my phone number?

To change your phone number, you must be a registered BP Driver Rewards member. You will need to go here and log-in to your account. Once logged-in to your account, you will click on "update account information;" here you can update your phone number. This is the number that you will enter before you begin the fueling process.

Can I use the same phone number for multiple cards?

No, each account must have a unique phone number.

Will I be able to enter my phone number at the pump at all stations?

Non-participating stations as well as stations located in New Jersey will not have the capability for you to enter your phone number at the pump.

What if I do not have a BP Driver Rewards card? Can I still register for the program?

Yes. You can use your mobile phone number to register for the program. If you still want a BP Driver Rewards card, you can request a card and provide your contact information so that a BP Driver Rewards card can be mailed to you.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

Your user name is the email address you provided when registering for BP Driver Rewards. Your password can be automatically emailed to you by clicking on Forgot Password.

How can I find out my current rewards balance?

You can find your BP Driver Rewards balances by logging in .

How are rewards redeemed with the BP Driver Rewards program?

You will earn Rewards at the rate of $0.01 (1 cent) off per gallon for each $10.00 in BP fuel purchases you make using your Driver Rewards account at participating locations in the United States. This equates to $0.10 (10 cents) cents off per gallon for each $100 spent on the BP fuel purchases at participating locations. Rewards earned will be available within 24 hours after you register. Cents off per gallon rewards can then be redeemed at the pump within 24 hours of being earned at the participating locations found here. To redeem cents off per gallon rewards at the pump, enter your phone number at participating BP Stations (excluding New Jersey) or swipe your BP Driver Rewards card, at the beginning of the transaction. The prompt then asks if you would like to redeem your rewards (you are not able to redeem partial rewards). If you choose yes, the price automatically rolls back to the amount of cents per gallon rewards available. The maximum rewards allowable for each purchase is automatically used up to 20 gallons for each transaction. However, the price will never roll back to less than $.109 per gallon. If you choose ‘No’, rewards will accumulate on the account until they are redeemed or expire 365 days from the end of the month in which they were earned.

If I have a BP Visa Card or a BP credit card and a BP Driver Rewards card can I earn rewards on them separately?

Unfortunately, no. Since you already are a BP Visa or BP credit card holder, you are earning your BP Driver Rewards cents off per gallon rewards by using you credit card at the pump.

What if I want to make a balance inquiry at a station?

Balance inquiries can be initiated by the cashier at the register. Once initiated, enter your 10-digit mobile number associated with the account or swipe your BP Driver Rewards card on the PIN pad. The earned rewards amount will be printed on a receipt.

What if the pump doesn't respond to a BP Driver Rewards card that is swiped or phone number that is entered?

To find out if your BP Driver Rewards account is activated please call 877.852.3025. To find participating locations, please visit our Station Finder.

Visa-Linking FAQs

What is Driver Rewards Visa-Linking?

A feature of BP’s loyalty program that allows consumers to link a Visa payment card (debit or credit) to their Driver Rewards loyalty account.

Why should you link your Visa card?

Driver Rewards Visa-Linking allows consumers to eliminate the need to swipe a loyalty card and a payment card at the pump. With Visa-Linking consumers can earn and burn cents per gallon rewards AND pay for their fuel with a single swipe.

How do I link a Driver Rewards to a Visa card?

New members need to join the program and link their Visa payment card during the registration process. Existing members need to log in to their account and link their Visa payment card

Can I link multiple Visa payment cards?

Yes consumers can link up to five payment cards to their Driver Rewards account.

Can I unenroll from Visa-Linking?

Yes, to unenroll from Visa-linking log in to your Driver Rewards account go to “Manage Linked Cards” and unenroll card(s) from Visa-linking; note after you unenroll payment cards you will need to swipe both your Driver Rewards card and your payment card to earn and burn rewards.

What if I lose the Visa card linked to my Driver Rewards account?

Log onto your Driver Rewards account unenroll your lost card and link a new Visa payment card.

What if I can’t link my Visa payment card?

Read complete Visa Linking terms and conditions regarding eligibility of Visa payment cards. https://mybpstation.com/terms-and-conditions

Questions specific to your card:

Does my BP Driver Rewards card need to be registered before I can earn rewards?

No. You may pick up a BP Driver Rewards card at a participating station and swipe it at the pump to start earning towards a 10¢ off per gallon reward after spending $100 on BP fuel. Rewards will expire 365 days after the end of the month in which they are earned. However, in order to redeem any rewards you earn, your BP Driver Rewards card must be registered.

Where on my BP Driver Rewards card can I find my account number?

Your 19-digit account number can be found on the back of your BP Driver Rewards card below the magnetic strip.

How can I get credit for a qualifying fuel purchase if I forgot to bring my BP Driver Rewards card to the pump?

If your BP Driver Rewards card is unavailable, you can enter your phone number at the beginning of a transaction at participating BP sites, excluding stations in New Jersey. If you have not yet registered your phone number or if you have visited a participating location, you can call 877.852.3025 to get credit for your purchase. When calling, please be prepared to provide the information found on your receipt: Transaction ID; Transaction Date; Total Spend; Total Gallons; Price per Gallon; and the address or Site ID of the BP station where you purchased fuel.

How can I get a replacement card if mine was lost or stolen?

Did you know that you can use your mobile phone number* in place of your plastic card at the dispenser? To update your account go to www.mybpstation.com/login.

*Excluding stations in NJ

If you are still interested in having a card you can call customer service at 877.852.3025 and a representative will assist you.

What is the new offer? When will it be available?

The new BP Visa with Driver Rewards and BP Card with Driver Rewards are more rewarding than ever and easy to understand.

The new offer will be in place as of May 18th.

BP Card with Driver Rewards:  
Introductory Offer (first 90 days): 25¢ off per gallon per $100 in spend at BP*
Offer after 90 days: 10¢ off per gallon per $100 in spend at BP*
BP Visa with Driver Rewards:  
Introductory Offer (first 90 days): 25¢ off per gallon per $100 in spend on all purchases (excluding non-BP branded gas stations)*
Offer after 90 days: 15¢ off per gallon per $100 in spend on groceries, travel and dining*
5¢ off per gallon per $100 in spend everywhere else (excluding non-BP branded gas stations)*

*Earn and redeem rewards in 1 cent increments. Redeem rewards at BP stations (excluding stations in Alabama) in a single transaction for a maximum of 20 gallons. Any unused rewards are forfeited. May not be combined with other offers. Rewards expire 12 months after the month in which they are earned. Rewards may be redeemed at participating stations with operable electronic transaction networks. See mybpstation.com for participating locations for reward redemption. Subject to credit approval. Transaction fees apply. See BP Credit Card Reward Program terms and conditions for details.

Is there an annual fee for the BP Visa with Driver Rewards or BP Card with Driver Rewards?

There is no annual fee for either credit card.

How will existing rewards or credit on the old program transfer to the new program?

All earned cents off per gallon rewards will be transferred over to the new account at time of conversion.

Is the BP Visa with Driver Rewards accepted at all BP sites, nationwide?

Yes, the BP Visa with Driver Rewards is accepted at all BP branded sites.

Can I redeem my earned rewards at all BP branded sites?

When redeeming rewards, cardholder will have to visit a participating BP branded location (excluding stations in Alabama) which can be found on our station locator at www.mybpstation.com/station-finder.

How do I apply for the new BP Visa with Driver Rewards card?

You can fill out a paper application, which can be found at any BP branded location or by filling out an online application, which can be found by visiting www.mybpstation.com/cards.

If I'm currently a BP Visa cardholder, can I link my new BP Visa to my Driver Rewards card and use the Visa to earn and redeem on both programs?

No, BP Visa cardholders can only use one card per transaction to earn and redeem rewards. BP has simplified the reward programs. The new BP Visa with Driver Rewards will allow our most loyal cardholders to earn a higher value and only requires 1 card swipe.

What should I do with my current Driver Rewards card if I’m currently using both a Driver Rewards and BP Visa?

At the time of launch, you should securely discard your Driver Rewards card as you will only need to swipe the new BP Visa with Driver Rewards card to earn the best reward available. Please note that any existing balance on your Driver Rewards account should be redeemed before discarding as balances across products will not transfer.

Where should I call if I have questions about my balance or transaction history?

You should call the number that’s currently listed on the back of your BP Visa or BP Card.

When will I receive my new card in the mail?

Synchrony will handle all changes related to conversion of card holder plastic. New cards will begin to be mailed on May 18th and will continue for 2-3 months. Rest assured, all current cardholders will begin earning the new rewards structure on May 18th and can redeem rewards with their current plastic while they wait for their new plastic to arrive in the mail.

How long can my current BP Visa be used before I need to activate my new card?

While your current card will be accepted at BP stations that accept Visa cards 180 days post launch, we highly recommend you activate your new card as soon as receiving it in the mail to take advantage of the increased fraud protection that comes with EMV chip technology included in your new BP Visa with Driver Rewards cards.

Does a consumer need to purchase gas to participate in the promotion?

A consumer does not need to purchase gas to enter the promotion. However, a consumer needs to purchase gas to redeem the promotional offer.

If a consumer has both a BP Driver Rewards account and a BP Visa or BP Credit Card, how does he or she participate?

As part of the new loyalty platform, a consumer receives the most rewards value with the BP Visa card. Once a consumer is on the promotional offer page of mybpstation.com they need to select Start Here. The consumer will then be directed to verify their BP Visa or BP Credit Card account information. Once this is complete the consumer will be directed to a new page where they can follow the prompts to complete their participation in the ‘Give a Reward’ promotion.

Does a consumer need a valid email address to participate in the promotion?

In order to participate in this promotion, the sender of the code needs to be a BP Driver Rewards member for which a valid email address is required.

If a BP Driver Rewards member provides less than 3 email addresses, is he or she still able to send 25¢ off per gallon code to friends at a later time?

No, the card member must input all three email addresses at once and cannot return later to input the email addresses.

If a consumer has both a BP Driver Rewards card and a BP Visa or BP Credit Card, can he or she refer 6 friends?

No a card member can only refer 3 friends either from a BP Driver Rewards account OR a BP Visa or BP Credit Card with Driver Rewards account, not both.

Do friends have to sign up for BP Driver Rewards in order to redeem the 25¢ off per gallon code?

No, the receivers of the 25¢ gallon code do not have to be BP Driver Rewards members to receive the code or to use the code.

Does a BP Driver Rewards member get a code for each friend that he or she enters?

No, the BP Driver Rewards member sending the gift only receives one (1) code whether they share their reward with one, two or three friends.

When does the BP Driver Rewards member receive a code in return for providing email addresses of a friend(s)?

A BP Driver Rewards member will receive a credit to their BP Driver Rewards account within 48 hours of entering your friend(s)’ email addresses. He or she will receive an email from BP informing him or her of their code.

A BP Visa member will receive a credit to their BP Credit Card account within 10 days of entering your friend(s)’ email addresses. He or she will receive an email from BP informing him or her of their code.

When will friends receive their code? And how will it be delivered to them?

Friends should receive their code within 48 hours of the BP Driver Rewards member entering their email addresses. If a friend’s email is associated with an existing BP Driver Rewards account, the value will be loaded directly to their account. If the friend’s email address is not associated with an existing BP Driver Rewards account, then the 25¢ off per gallon code will be delivered to them via the email address that the sender provided. Referred friends who have opted out of receiving emails from BP will not receive an email or a code.

Who do BP Driver Rewards members contact if they do not receive a credit to their account?

BP Driver Rewards members can call 877-852-3025.

How does a consumer enter to win the free gas for a year sweepstakes?

Any member of BP Driver Rewards as of 9/2/2015 that sends a cents per gallon code to up to three friends, is automatically entered to win free gas for a year. To enter the sweepstakes without participating in referral promotion, eligible entrants may mail 3" x 5" piece of paper with name, address, phone number, email address (if any) and date of birth in an envelope labeled “BP Gas Promotion” to 30 S. Wacker Drive, Suite, 900, Chicago, IL 60606. Mail in entries must be received by the end of that entry period to be eligible for that drawing.

Can a BP Driver Rewards member enter to win free gas for a year more than once?

No an entrant may only enter once during the promotional period, regardless of method of entry.

If an entrant doesn’t win the ‘free gas for a year’ sweepstakes the week he or she is registered, will they be entered into the following week’s drawing and still be eligible to win?


How many sweepstakes winners will be chosen per week? And how will winners be notified?

10 winners will be chosen once a week. Winners will be notified via the email provided on their BP Driver Rewards registration or on their mail in card, or by mail or phone.