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Learn About BP Fuels.

High-quality Gas Can
Go A Long Way.

BP Gasoline
including Amoco Ultimate®

fuel the difference.

Fill up with the fuel made to help protect fuel system components against sludge and corrosion.*


bp diesel®

Powerful. Reliable. promotes Clean diesel.**

An ultra-low-sulfur diesel formulated for today’s engines, BP Diesel® is a workhorse fuel you can always depend on.

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* With continuous use. Based on driving style and when part of proper car maintenance including regular oil changes with high-quality motor oil. Helps protect fuel system components against corrosion.

**“Powerful” compares diesel engine performance vs. a comparable gasoline engine, and the higher torque typical of a diesel engine. “Reliable” refers to generally meeting the appropriate ASTM specification for diesel fuel. “Promotes Clean Diesel” refers to modern technology incorporating newer diesel engines, advanced emissions after-treatment systems and the ultra-low-sulfur diesel that enables them to “help lower harmful emissions.”