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BP Gasoline
With Invigorate®

Including Amoco Ultimate®

The Fuel That Helps Protect Your Vehicle’s Fuel System Components, Mile After Mile.

Helps protect against sludge*

Formulated to help protect your vehicle’s fuel system components from corrosion*

Consistent, dependable, high-quality gasoline guaranteed.**

Meets and exceeds TOP TIER™ minimum standards for detergency.

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All three grades of BP gasoline including Amoco Ultimate® contain Invigorate®, BP's unique proprietary gasoline additive that, with continuous use, helps protect fuel system components against sludge and corrosion.* All three grades also exceed TOP TIER™ gasoline minimum standards for detergency.

*With continuous use. Based on driving style and when part of proper car maintenance including regular oil changes with high-quality motor oil. Helps protect fuel system components against corrosion.

** Quality refers to gasoline with deposit control additive treat rates significantly greater than the EPA minimum requirements.

Fill Up With Quality You Can Count On.

The BP Fuels Guarantee is more than a statement.

In the unlikely event that you experience fuel-system trouble due to the use of Amoco Ultimate®, BP Silver®, BP Regular or BP Diesel®, we'll reimburse you for the repairs. Simply call us at 1-800-333-3991 to report the problem. You'll also need to provide your fuel receipt and mechanic's repair bill. We'll review your claim, and any BP fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed to you.